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This moorland site contains a very visible slag heap and the apparent remains of a bloomery furnace and is likely to date from the Middle Ages and particularly from the monastic era when the land was held by the Cistercian abbey of Byland.

Swine Beck is nearby and could have supplied water and water power for a forge.

It is at an elevation of 280 metres.


Investigations continue.

Swine Beck, Gouthwaite

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Slag Heap near Swine Beck

Photo by Bob Barker

Bloomery Furnace Site near Swine Beck

Photo by Bob Barker


Knott's Gill and Gouthwaite Reservoir.


The Swine Beck iron smelting site is just out of site on the distant moor top to the left of the centre of the photograph.

The buildings in the picture are beside the public road on the edge of Ramsgill village.